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Rollerdrome 🙂 – Rollerdrome is a third person action shooter that seamlessly blends high octane, visceral combat with fluid movement and tricking mechanics into one complementary and challenging whole, to create an original adrenaline-pumping shooter experience like no other. This review is for Keyboard and Mouse! Never played ANY sort of skateboarding game or the like. Probably not my cup of tea, but mix in some action and what is one of the very few of it’s genre with actual keyboard support and you have, what I have to say is a Brilliant game. First, Keyboard and Mouse. The game “recommends” a controller, but DO NOT be scared away from this. They have put heart and soul into making this keyboard and mouse friendly. The game is very button simple. Trick based on the direction you are moving, aim and shoot with the mouse. Jump. And to start tricking and grinding you can use F, E or 2 side buttons on your mouse. (Which the game generously binds for you automatically)  I’m always on the lookout for a game with a good movement system, and the next great one has arrived. You can dodge, flip, wallride, grind, jump, you can even “rocket jump” off enemy explosives or be thrown by enemy moves. If you’re coming from Tony Hawk or similar games, on first impression you may think the forgiving landings and self-balancing grinds have been “made too easy”. Just wait. In reality, these things have been removed in order to make way for a dizzying array of dodges, slo-mo gun stunts, and total mayhem. You simply wouldn’t have the bandwidth to do it all. The game builds a very fun flow state, getting a “no damage” or A or higher run makes you feel like a superhero. There seems to be a lot of hidden potential in the movesystem that will creates a very high skill ceiling, especially with dodges and using explosives to launch yourself.

Rollerdrome Directly Download

Short story but extremely cool action. Lots of slow mo dodging through the air while shooting. It reminds me of Max Payne meets Tony Hawk. Worth buying and playing through for sure. If you’re someone really good at doing tricks and running combos I imagine you could get really into the online leaderboards for the game. The game could really use more substance though. There are only 4 different graphical environments. Every match is a “kill everyone” match in a circular, open arena. I’d like if things were mixed up more. Different objectives beyond just eliminate everyone. Arenas with closed off areas like hallways. You fight two “bosses” but they’re barely different. Every enemy is a faceless personality-less template. Imagine if there were several different bosses with a name, personality and gimmick? That could really mix things up. The story seemed to lack substance as well. It seems like it’s just kind of there to give an excuse to show off more of the cool 70s/80s art style. Maybe I just made the wrong choices but it seems like nothing I did really mattered and nothing was explained. Don’t let all my complaints stop you from buying the game though, it’s absolutely really good. Rollerdrome Direct Download

Rollerdrome ?

Rollerdrome is a singleplayer third person action shooter that seamlessly blends high-octane combat with fluid motion to create an action experience like no other. Dominate with style in cinematic, visceral combat where kills net you health and pulling off tricks and grinds provide you ammunition, in this adrenaline-pumping action shooter.The year is 2030. In a world where corporations rule and the lines between reality and performance are blurred, the public are kept distracted by the violence and excess of a brutal new blood sport — Rollerdrome. Will you have what it takes to become the Rollerdrome champion and unravel the mysteries behind the Matterhorn corporation’s true intentions? From Roll7, the minds that brought you the award winning and critically acclaimed OlliOlli series comes Rollerdrome, an intense shooter-skater hybrid set in an evocative retrofuture.

Key Features:

A third person action shooter like no other – an original hybrid shooter-skater that blends high octane, visceral combat with fluid movement and tricking mechanics into one complementary and challenging whole.

  • A test of skill – Take on a unique challenge throughout the Rollerdrome tournament. Establish your dominance in the field with online leaderboards and push yourself to the limit with the unlockable “Out For Blood” mode for the most extreme test of skill and agility.
  • An original identity – An all-new fully original soundtrack that merges iconic era sounds and tones with cutting edge production to provide a heart-thumping backdrop to the carnage, brought to life with a unique comic-book inspired art style.
  • A dark conspiracy – Discover a mysterious, sinister plot in this distinct retrofuture universe.




How To Download And Install

  • Click the (Download Button) above and you should be redirected to GamesDatabase.
  • Wait 5 seconds and click on the grey ‘download now’ button. Now let the download begin and wait for it to finish.
  • Once the game is done downloading, right click the .zip file and click on “Extract to” (To do this you must have 7-Zip or winrar, which you can get here).
  • Double click inside the Game folder and run the .exe application.
  • Thats all, enjoy the game! Make sure to run the game as (Administrator) and if you get any missing dll errors, look for a file named All In One Runtimes.exe run this and install it.



  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2125 or AMD A12-9800
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GT 630 (2 GB), Radeon HD 6770 (1 GB) or Intel Iris Pro 580

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