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CARRION Free Download (v1.0.5)

CARRION Buy From Steam 🙂 -CARRION is a reverse horror game in which you assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origin. Stalk and consume those that imprisoned you to spread fear and panic throughout the facility. Grow and evolve as you tear down this prison and acquire more and more devastating abilities on the path to retribution.The concept is great, the game is fun. But it NEEDS a map. I’m dumb, and sometimes I stop playing a game for a while and I definitely don’t remember where I’ve been. I’m lost, I don’t know where I am or where I’m supposed to go, and the teleporting doors don’t help. I have no idea how to progress and at this point I’m too frustrated to try. I’ve been going in circles for a while and I’m just tired of it. Apart from 3 flashback scenes that let you relive previous events, that’s all the story there is. You never find out what you are or how you came to be. While keeping things mysterious is not a bad choice for horror games, I believe that finding a few well-written notes, emails, or journals as a reward for exploration would have enhanced the experience. Carrion is a “reverse horror” platformer (you play the monster) with puzzles and combat, but no jumping (you can move freely). It nails the atmosphere and provides smooth gameplay with several fresh ideas.CARRION ?️

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You play as an amorphous mass of tentacles and teeth that has just broken out of its containment deep inside a military research facility. Throughout the game you will explore several areas of this facility, feed on humans, fight armed forces, and seek out well-guarded DNA samples that make you stronger and give you new abilities. Nevertheless though, the devs nailed the “horror B-movie” atmosphere. The way you slither quickly through corridors and tubes, or how you lurk right next to a room of soldiers and plan your assault, feels unique and satisfying. 2. Gameplay & Mechanics The 3 main gameplay elements are puzzle-solving, combat, and exploration, which I’ll address below. The game looks and plays similar to a 2D platformer, though there is no jumping involved. Your tentacles allow you to move quickly to any spot in a room, you can also hang from the ceiling. You move your mouse cursor on the screen and click on your destination – the game will then move you smoothly and quickly in that direction and automatically extend tentacles to support you. Controlling the monster felt amazing, it really captures the feeling of a powerful demonic entity slithering around. Contrary to other games that let you play a monster, but stick to traditional run-and-gun controls, the Carrion devs implemented a new, fresh control scheme that was designed around a character who can move lightning-fast, strike anywhere, wreck large pieces of furniture and throw them around, but can also hide just out of sight, sneak, and pick powerful enemies off one by one.


Another fresh idea is the “body mass” mechanic. You discover various skills for offense, defense, or utility, such as throwing a web, sprouting temporary spikes, or crashing through barriers. Each of these skills can only be used if your body mass is within a given range. You can increase your body mass by feeding on humans, or by creating and revisiting a “hive” location that also acts as a save point. But for many puzzles, you’ll need to apply abilities that require a lower body mass, so you’ll also have to occasionally shed mass in pools of liquid. This body mass management is an integral part of the game’s puzzles, which you often have to solve in order to progress further. Other puzzle elements involve switches, doors, water levels, and traps. I found them interesting and engaging, they also fit quite well into the setting. They are generally fairly easy, it never took me more than a few minutes to figure out a solution and I never needed to consult external resources. Let’s address combat next. You can either engage in open fights, which are fast and visceral, or you can lurk in safety and pick enemies off piecemeal when they are vulnerable. Later on, you’ll also develop a useful skill that lets you infect humans and control them, this includes using the weapons of any soldier you might have taken over. While you are very powerful and can kill most enemies quickly, their weapons can also cause a lot of damage if you don’t get out of the way quickly. Some soldiers also have a shield that blocks any attacks from the direction they are facing. ✨ Buy From Official Steam Website


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How To Download And Install

  • Click the (Download Button) above and you should be redirected to GamesDatabase.
  • Wait 5 seconds and click on the grey ‘download now’ button. Now let the download begin and wait for it to finish.
  • Once the game is done downloading, right click the .zip file and click on “Extract to” (To do this you must have 7-Zip or winrar, which you can get here).
  • Double click inside the Game folder and run the .exe application.
  • Thats all, enjoy the game! Make sure to run the game as (Administrator) and if you get any missing dll errors, look for a file named All In One Runtimes.exe run this and install it.



  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1
  • Processor: 2 core processor
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: compatible with OpenGL 3.0
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

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