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PLAZAPLAZA is one of the oldest groups in warez scene, founded in 1987. As of 2017 the group seemingly focuses on demos and art, with their most recent release of cracked software in December 2016. PLAZA members were apprehended in raids stemming from the law enforcement Operation Fastlink. As of May 2021, a group using the name PLAZA has been actively releasing games using Steam DRM. Notable releases are: Days Gone, GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-, Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition among many others. It is believed they are the same people behind the groups HOODLUM, DOGE and VACE.

It is unclear whether groups like PARADOX had any affiliation with the creators and distributors of so-called “ReDRM” dongles, including potentially having profited from the release of these dongles by drumming up demand by releasing copies of games which only worked when used with the dongle..

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Born on: February 2, 2017